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Established in 1988, Prakruti deals with sustainable living, Natural/Organic farming and conservation of water and energy with a view to reduce consumption of finite natural resources. The objective of Prakruti is to assist in developing an environmentally viable society based on natural living and sustainable agriculture. Prakruti takes up programmes and campaigns for promoting farmers to change over to sustainable agriculture and for developing links with consumers for ensuring supply of high quality chemical free healthy food and fibre to the community.

Few major contributions of Prakruti are:

Prakruti is registered under Societies Registration Act of 1960 (Regn. No. Bom 620/1988 G.B.B.S./21.11.1988). It is also registered under Public Charities Trust Act of 1950 (Regn. No. F 12998 (Mumbai)/10.2.1989).